Rent vs Buy

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

This calculator will compare the cost of renting vs. the real cost of buying a home. This calculator will compare the costs and benefits of taxes, fees, and interest you will pay when buying a home to the monthly rent you pay when renting. It does not include payments made against the principal on your loan, since those payments become equity in your home.

For help with a particular item, click on the “?” next to the item.

Monthly rent: $
Home cost: $
Down payment: $
Loan term: months
Points: %
Fees: $
Mortgage insurance: ? $
Homeowner’s insurance: ? $
Association dues: ? $
Average monthly maintenance: ? $
Property tax: %
State and Federal income tax: ? %
Interest rate: %
Your savings rate: ? %
How much will your home appreciate each year?: ? %
How much will rent increase each year?: ? %
How long will you stay in this property?: ? months

  Rent   Buy
Monthly expenses
Monthly payment   3,000.00   4,496.63
Property tax   937.50
Association dues   0.00
Mortgage insurance   0.00
Homeowner’s insurance   400.00
Other costs   200.00
Total Monthly payment   3,000.00   6,034.13
Present value of all costs over 120 months ?   289,326.25   462,767.77
Home equity ?   -9,457.99
Total net cost   289,326.25   472,225.76

You will save $182,899.51 if you rent instead of buy.

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Make Money Converting People to FireFox

How to install the Explorer Destroyer scripts

Explorer Destroyer is javascript that sits above your regular html on a
webpage. When an IE user visits the site, the script will display a
block of HTML encouraging them to switch to Firefox.

Installation of Explorer Destroyer varies depending on how your blog or
website works. The instructions below should work for regular html
pages. If your site runs on PHP or another language, you may need to do
things differently.

STEP 1: Download Explorer Destroyer
and unzip the file. Pick which level you want to install and open the
html file for that level in an html or text editor. See for demos of each level.

STEP 2: Grab the file for the front page of your site
and open it in an html or text editor. You should save a copy of the
original file in case something goes wrong.

STEP 3: Copy the entire contents of the script file
and paste it into your HTML. Where you paste it is crucial. The easiest
way to do this is to copy the contents of the script file, select the
<BODY> tag in your current page and paste the script over it.
That will replace your BODY tag with the correct BODY tag for the
script and will place all the script contents where they need to be.

STEP 4: Insert your Adsense referral code into your
html. In each of the three levels there’s a section of code that
displays the ‘Get Firefox’ button. This code is also how Google tracks
your referrals. You need to replace this code with the code for a
button from your own Adsense account. To find where your Adsense button
should go, look for the grey comment text that says:


and ends with

<– –>

To get your own referral button, login to Adsense and click on the
‘Referrals’ tab. Then click on the ‘Firefox’ tab and copy the code for
one of the buttons. We suggest using the medium-size square buttons.

STEP 5: Optional: customize the html. You can make any
changes you’d like to the HTML that displays when IE users come to your
site. Adding a personal message from you is a great way to convince
your readers to switch.

STEP 6: Test it. Visit the page in Internet Explorer and make sure everything is working like a dream.

Word Press Install
Installation into WordPress is
very simple. From the Dashboard, click on ‘Presentation’, then go to
the Theme Editor. In the list of files for your theme, click on
“Header”, then replace the <body> tag with the ExplorerDestroyer
script as normal.

Note: If these instructions seem too
difficult or if you have a blogging account that doesn’t allow you to
edit the site code, you can still switch people to Firefox and earn
Google referral money. Just sign up for Google adsense and paste grab
the code that they provide for the switch Firefox buttons. You can
paste this into blog entries or the sidebar for your site. It won’t be
as devastatingly effective as Explorer Destroyer, but it still helps
the cause!