Rent vs Buy

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

This calculator will compare the cost of renting vs. the real cost of buying a home. This calculator will compare the costs and benefits of taxes, fees, and interest you will pay when buying a home to the monthly rent you pay when renting. It does not include payments made against the principal on your loan, since those payments become equity in your home.

For help with a particular item, click on the “?” next to the item.

Monthly rent: $
Home cost: $
Down payment: $
Loan term: months
Points: %
Fees: $
Mortgage insurance: ? $
Homeowner’s insurance: ? $
Association dues: ? $
Average monthly maintenance: ? $
Property tax: %
State and Federal income tax: ? %
Interest rate: %
Your savings rate: ? %
How much will your home appreciate each year?: ? %
How much will rent increase each year?: ? %
How long will you stay in this property?: ? months

  Rent   Buy
Monthly expenses
Monthly payment   3,000.00   4,496.63
Property tax   937.50
Association dues   0.00
Mortgage insurance   0.00
Homeowner’s insurance   400.00
Other costs   200.00
Total Monthly payment   3,000.00   6,034.13
Present value of all costs over 120 months ?   289,326.25   462,767.77
Home equity ?   -9,457.99
Total net cost   289,326.25   472,225.76

You will save $182,899.51 if you rent instead of buy.

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Popurls Clone using WordPressiew

Popurls Clone using WordPress

June 11th, 2007 WordPress

Popurls Clone

Popurls is, as described by its founder, the ultimate source for the latest web buzz and news and a daily must-read for me. I thought maybe I can do something based on that model to keep track of the buzz in Singapore and thus OneNews was born. Of course it’s not as grand as Popurls, just a simpler version. This also showcase the power of WordPress being more than a blog software.

Below is the recipe for creating a popurls clone using a single blog and single post. Some knowledge on PHP/XML/RSS is required. Treat this brief post as a reference rather than a complete tutorial on cloning popurl ;)


Engine: WordPress 2.0 and above

Theme: Modified Simplr

Digg Style Videos
Document Text Sizer
Style Sheet Switcher

Adsense 0.1
Exec-PHP 3.2
flickrRSS 3.1

Post: Edit the default “Hello World” post and replace the content with text in post.txt (remember to switch from Visual to Code view first)


[25 Jun 07]: flickrrss plugin updated to remove double title on mouseover.
[20 Aug 07]: clean up code to make it easier to modify


Commons Creative 3.0


Popurls Clone Demo – Fonehubber
Popurls Clone Demo – OneNews


Name: Popurls Clone
Size: 51,41 kBytes
FileType: .zip-File
Downloads: 433
[Download Now]

Tips & Tricks

How to change the adsense code to my own?
In line 27 of the Adsense plugin (adsense.php), replace my adsense with your own.

I pasted the post.txt into the post content but I only see codes, not the feeds. How?
Switch from “Visual” to “Code” view before pasting the code in post.txt
Visual to Code view

How to add/modify feeds?
I can’t cover all areas but I will try to explain the basic building blocks.

In post.txt, you will notice each feed is a variation/repetition of the following code. I added comments along each line of code where you may need to edit.

<p width="280" style="float: left"> //change column
<h2><a href=""></a></h2> //change header
$rss = fetch_rss(''); //insert your feed url
$items = array_slice($rss->items, 0, 20); //limit no of posts to 20
echo '<ul>';
foreach ($items as $item)
$desc = htmlspecialchars(substr(strip_tags($item['description']),0,300));
echo '<li><a target="_blank" href="'. $item['link'] .'" title="header=[] body=[' . $desc . ']">' . $item['title'] . '</a></li>';
echo '</ul>';

HowTo: Build A Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site In Under Ten Minutes

I think this is what I have been looking for:

HowTo: Build A Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site In Under Ten Minutes

But instead of Y. E. A. mashup, us PORN and affilates advertising…. That’s the switch

HTAccess is a menace, but I’ll mod it a bit and see if I can make a version without. Here’s what you’ll need (he forgot to mention):- Hosting with PHP Support, and FSockOpen enabled, SafeMode Off, HTACCESS
– EBay, YouTube and Amazon API ID

That’s it, cool script I guess. oh also the license he put it up on does not require a linkback, I think that’s what he wants – but under the license he put it up on, it means you can use the script without having to put the link. I’d change the license to reflect this, so that he gets some credit for it.

here’s the script

(notice: there have been multiple changes since I originally posted the video. 1. A youtube developer id is no longer needed and the script is updated to use the google youtube api. 2. The default setup is for ebay users that use the commission junction affiliate program. 3. A site title is no longer needed because the homepage defaults to the first product page that is the first title.)

Download HowTo: Build A Youtube Ebay Amazon Mashup Affiliate Site In Under Ten Minutes

(ps. If you liked this post please take two seconds to add it to your favorite social site like digg, delicious, stumbleupon, etc. Thanks a bunch.)

Modifications (external sites):
Adsense Youtube Version (if you have video adsense units this might be the version for you)

Example Sites: (ebay only)


For interest and entertainment.

Link to The Next Internet Millionaire