Get a Phone Number For Life – Free !!

GrandCentral Image allows you sign up and get a new number to control your phones.

Work, home, cell VoIP, all ring when someone calls. You can customize the settings for each caller. You can listen to voicemail messages online after they have been consolidated or you can simply e-mail the audio files.

  • “You can listen to a message someone is leaving, just as you can on a home answering machine.”
  • “You can actually record a different voice mail greeting for each person in your address book.”
  • “You can pick up on a different phone in midconversation, unbeknownst to the person on the other end.”
  • “GrandCentral maintains a database of telemarketer numbers that is constantly updated by reports from its own subscribers. Your phones don’t even ring when a telemarketer in that database tries to reach you.”
  • “You can install a “call me” button on your Web site — a great, free way to field calls … without actually posting your phone number.”

Here is my call me