WordPress Wigets List – A Starting Point

Widgets – coolest plugin of all. It will only works with WordPress 2.0 and up. Basically, you now can drag a sidebar from the top to the bottom in a few seconds without using codes at all. If you still use old codes that do not have widget-support, you can always copy-paste codes into widget text box and viola! It comes with few other plugins. (Google Search, META, RSS, and del.icio.us) 

Akismet – spam control. You will need it big time. Just do it. Free for personal use only.

Counterize – counter style. Very useful to watch stats inside WordPress Admin. You still can use counters from 3rd party services by using Widget Text box.

Search Meter – Track search words in your search box. Neat. 

Editor Monkey – WYSIWYG HTML Editor It is a must—helps make your posts look prettier and use less  codes. It comes with TinyMCE and FCKeditor. 

Web Calendar – Nice free plugin. I prefer to use Trumba – its fancier and it comes with a free version and pro version. 

VideoPop – It is not exactly like Google or YouTube Video Plugins, but it will help you automatically set up video and it will pop up nicely. It requires a little code. (Copy and paste) There’s more video plugins (Google, YouTube, etc.) — click here.

Photopress – Gallery Album online. I’ve tried it and it’s pretty easy to use. There’s more  plugins to meet your preference such as Flickr or Gallery2 – click here.

Ad-Rotator – If you have any ad banners (can be used for other things) – this should do just fine for you. If you have a Google Adsense account, you can just post codes into Widgets text box. 

Contact form – This is a ready made contact form – plugs in to your WordPress and activate it. It will set up automatically for you once you pick which page to install. Very nice.

Remember, not all plugins are widget-supported. Fear not! Most of the time, you can hack it easily by copying & pasting codes into a widget text box and it works like charm. I do use it for Fomdi.com codes and it is very easy to install.

There’s a lot more at WordPress Plugins website. Those 10 are my favorites and use it with my blog site. Always read plugins instruction carefully – easy to make mistake.

Note: If you start using Widgets, make sure your theme support it. If not, it may not work at all. Also, if you decide to shop for new theme, make sure it is widget-support. You can find it easily by “check” widget before search themes. Click here.

If you want to learn how to optimize your WordPress into search engine, you should read this article. I found it useful. How to improve maximum search engine visibility. Click here.

Finally, if you didn’t see one of your favorite plugins — please leave a comment and let me know. I would love to know from you!!

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