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Make Mooney

you’re looking to make some nice cash on the side? You’ve
come to the right place! We’ll tell you a few of the companies
that are actively making us money online. The fact that we made over $1000
in our first month should be proof enough. All you need is a blog or a
site and you too can tap into this unlimited source of online income!

  • Sell Text Link Ads.
    There’s a huge demand from advertisers to get a spot on your
    blog. Depending on how hot your blog is, you can make anywhere from $10
    to $500 per month by adding a simple text link to your sidebar!
  • Get paid for posting.
    You’re a blogger so writing posts is what you do. Why not start
    to get paid for your posts? Pay Per Post is a well known company in the
    blogosphere and thousands of bloggers earn some good cash with them
    each month.(There’s a special on right now, get paid $20 for your
    first post!)
  • AuctionAds.
    These guys will help you make money from eBay. If you display their ads
    and someone clicks and buys an item on eBay, you’ll get a healthy
    cut of the profit!
  • Do paid reviews.
    Plenty of bloggers are trying to get some buzz going for their own
    site, they’ll pay you to write a review about their blog!
  • Sign up for AdSense.
    Yes, most of you are already using this but you’d be surprised
    how many people are still not with Google! Seriously, do yourself a
    favor and start making the easiest money ever!
  • SEOBook.
    Make sure you pick up a copy of this SEO book. It has everything you
    will ever need to get your blog high traffic via searchengines. And
    traffic is money!
  • DealDotCom.
    When you refer others to DealDotCom and they get their free account,
    they are marked in our system as having been referred by you. Anything
    that they ever buy from us nets you a 35% commission.

Well there’s a few money makers to get you started, we’re not giving away all our secrets yet

A cool Web Designer

What Does It Take To Hit $100 A Day in Profit?

been reading quite a bit on monetization techniques about affiliate
marketing, blog and site monetization. My new goal is to hit $100 a day in profit from next month across all my sites. So far I have 3 sites so I’m thinking that shouldn’t be too hard.

Naturally, I’m skeptical myself of achieving this goal. But like I’ve said before if you need success
you need to prepare for it. For instance, here are some points that
I’m going forward with to make this blog more profitable.

  • New theme – This should drive more traffic as other
    bloggers begin to write about it. Hopefully translating into new
    subscribers and return visitors.
  • Banner ads – I’m doing away with text links and concentrating more on banner ads.
  • Special sections – The special sections that I’m adding should also bring in additional revenue while providing a service back to readers.
  • Affiliates/CPC ads/Widgets – I’m going to use the 2nd and 3rd options lightly, but with a high concentration for the 1st one.

As for my other sites which include this clothing affiliate site I have to start driving traffic to it. It’s not lagging, just not getting the right kind of traffic. So Adwords, Yahoo and/or MSN here I come.


I’m thinking I can make around $50 a day with this blog, and
the rest will be distributed among the other sites I possess.
I’ll also have to factor in my blog design company so that should really bring the total up, hopefully past $100 a day.

As for answering my own question – “What Does It Take To Hit $100 A Day in Profit?” – Action. Only then can you increase that to $200, $500, $1000 a day and so on…

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Sell Links That Google Will Like With ScratchBack

I’m testing out this new widget that lets me sell links that Google might actually like, it’s called ScratchBack.
I discovered it while prowling the backdoor of the Internet. Too bad
they don’t have an affiliate program…ah well.

So what does ScratchBack do?

Have a look at the sidebar of my blog, you see the green looking
widget that says “Are you in my Top Spots?”. Go ahead click
and see.

The links can be priced as you please, my introductory price is $5
for 1 week. You also have the choice of using images, I chose the text
widget though. The best part is that Google will like these link sales
as they are hard encoded with the “nofollow” tag, plus the
code is in JavaScript! So TLA, see ya!

Why would you want to use it?

I’ll just quote what SratchBack said –

This is about allowing your readers to “give
back” to you in a fun way. It’s about engaging your readers
and letting them participate with you beyond just leaving comments.
Sure, you’re going to earn tips from this, and that’s
great, you should. Your readers should be happy they can do this for
you, and get something back in return for their tip.

So lets see who of my readers loves me the most :D

Right now it’s in beta but I think they will be launching sooner than expected. You can see a video about it on I’ll post more on it as I try it out.

Update: One link sold already to Jim Kukral! That was quick, like 5 mins. OK, so I think we get like 45% of the cut which is a little less than TLA’s 50%
cut. My “tip jar” was for $5, my account shows $2.28 in
earnings. Since I put my “tips” on approval before showing,
an email was sent to me to approve the listing. Minimum payout is $25.
PayPal is their official payment processor.

I’m not sure how some people will react to the percentage cut, but I always say something is better than nothing.

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If You Don’t Hit Your Minimum Payment Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

many of you have signed up for an ad network, placed the code on your
site/blog, made a few bucks and then removed it, just because you
weren’t hitting the minimum payment threshold quick enough. That doesn’t mean you won’t hit it at all!

I’m writing this from experience, I’ve spent too many
weeks and months optimizing with one ad network and removing it after I
didn’t get to the minimum payment too fast. Impatience is the number one reason why you will dump one network to move onto another.

Sometimes you just have to give things time. This is even more important if you do not have a high traffic blog, and if
your visitors are not targeted enough. Actually the targeting is
something that you cannot prevent much, just yesterday I had a search
engine visitor for the phrase “how to make yourself go into labor” – I’m on the second page. Weird.

Stay the Path

Ask yourself this. Why did you go through the process of –

  • signing up for a network
  • optimizing code with colors, fonts etc… and
  • placing code

…if you cannot stick with it till you meet the minimum
payment? After you install that code and make some money, stick with it
till you get paid. If you have even one hint of resistance that you should not go with a network then don’t sign up. Just because XYZ or ABC signed up, or recommended it, doesn’t mean you have to go with it.

If you have made some money with a new network, but not enough, the
best thing to do is too stick with it till you reach the minimum
payment. Because if you don’t you’ll be stuck with a bunch
of money across various networks that is “owed” to you, but never really yours. That’s when you begin to kick yourself.

Once some money starts rolling in optimize, optimize, optimize!

To summarize

  • Choose only ad networks you know will work for your blog/site
  • Don’t sign up with too many till you succeed with at least one or two
  • Once you see some money rolling in – optimize the ads, rotate,
    change colors, do whatever it takes to keep the momentum up to hit that
    minimum payment
  • Get paid

Of course all the above points are directly related with the amount of traffic you get, the kind of traffic you get and the demographics that visit your blog/site.

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Now PayPerPost Has Really Done It

have taken sponsored opportunities from PayPerPost, they have been
great in getting me connected with a lot of advertisers. The money was
not that bad either. But this is just TOO much for me to handle.

For those who don’t know, PayPerPost has an internal affiliate program where you get $15 per blogger sign up and $25 per advertiser sign up. BUT, the process to get paid for any of those referrals is anything but ordinary.

For blogger sign ups –

  • When you sign up a blogger, $15 once the new Postie gets paid for their first opportunity post.

For advertiser sign ups –

  • If you sign up an advertiser, you’ll get $25 when they make their first deposit

Screenshot 1 – click to enlarge

Screenshot 2 – click to enlarge


So far I have 11 blogger sign ups, which translates to $165, and they are all pending. Money which I will probably never see. That’s nothing though, some bloggers I read over on the PayPerPost boards have dozens more sign ups than me with just a handful that have gone through.

PayPerPost Affiliate Program on CJ

I have an affiliate account on Commission Junction, so when I logged
in today to get some banners etc… what do I see there? Hey,
it’s PayPerPost! They are in CJ’s system.

I was thinking OK, maybe now I can actually make some money with them. Since the conversion was pretty OK – ish for like a month of exposure on my sidebar, as you can see from the screenshot above. Wonder how much the payout is? $1! Yep you read that right, you now get ONE DOLLAR per blogger and
advertiser sign up! The difference is that any signups via CJ
don’t need to go through getting paid for their first post, or
making their first deposit in order for you to get paid. They just need to confirm their email with them.


To me this is just downright wrong! Why couldn’t they have
offered a smaller payout in their internal affiliate program without
the hoops?

Fine, they have a right to promote themselves using whatever avenues
they can. They have their “Argus” project being launched
soon, they want to lure in bigger advertisers like movie studios,
record companies, etc…so basically they need a bigger user base
to show them that. VC Dan says so himself “I’ll
share that I’ve built a few businesses in the online advertising
space and 50,000 Posties isn’t nearly enough for the kind of
checks the big advertisers like to write.
” I understand that you want to make more money, everyone does.

So what’s up with the buck!

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Getting Your Foot In The Door – Tips For Success

one of the hardest things for anybody to do is to get their foot in the
door, a door that might eventually lead to success in whatever field
you are in.

  • Selecting Footwear

No, I’m not taking you shopping! What that means is to be prepared to say and do
the right things before you get your foot in the door. There’s
nothing worse than getting that big break and then making a total fool
out of yourself. You will never be taken seriously. This applies a lot
in the blogging world, because your blog is your reputation.

If you dress up the wrong way forget about ever getting into an extended sphere of influence in the real or blogging world.

  • Your First Words

Imagine you have got 15 minutes with somebody to make an impression.
You have been preparing everything you would like the other person to
know about your work, your blog, your web startup and then they ask you
– “So tell me a little bit about yourself?“.
Don’t go telling them where you grew up and what your favorite
dessert is, instead tell them why you’re there and what benefit
you can provide them. Leave the dessert for the end conversation.
Benefits first.

We’re human, we need a benefit out of everything.

  • Your Last Words

When you stop talking, or blogging, try to end with a question to be
raised from the other side. That way you get them to engage with you.
Now that they are talking, keep the flow smooth. Speak when spoken too.
But still try to end your words with another question that they will
just have to ask.

It’s not that hard, just make sure your shoes match and your breath doesn’t smell. Make eye contact!

  • Don’t show your behind

When you walk out the door, don’t show your behind instead show them your face.

Have you ever experienced any real life or blogging experiences
where you wish you had prepared better before attempting to get your
foot in the door?

These are some generic success tips, with my own spin on them. They
can be applied in the blogging world as well. If you enjoyed them
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Widget Bucks – Another Way To Make Money

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!Widget
Bucks is a brand new way for bloggers and site owners to monetize their
domains. It is very comparable to Chitika eMiniMalls, and the ad units
come in a few different sizes. The unit is interactive and shows
products based on the category you select, or pulls keywords from your
content to show relevant products.

Making Widget Bucks

Widget Bucks pays you on per click {CPC} basis, which shouldn’t be that bad as the unit looks much better than the Chitika units. Plus if you sign up for Widget Bucks now
you get a $25 signup bonus, pay outs are made via check or paypal at
$50. I’m pretty sure you can make $25 pretty quick with this


  • You can set up multiple widgets for various channels
  • Reporting page has all the information you would want to know about your ad units performance
  • If you do product related blogging you can’t lose with a unit like this
  • Affiliates can earn a 10 percent referral fee based on the commissions earned by the people they refer
  • It looks promising right now, but still needs some work done to it

I’m testing them on my blog right now, on the single post pages. What do you think about it?

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Google Referrals – Anything Convert Yet?

I’ve been using Google Referral Ads for over a month now. I’m happy to report that I’ve had one conversion so far! What’s up with that?

OK, so maybe I don’t get 10,000 visitors a day but even if you
do get like a couple of hundred, you would think that in a month at
least a few more convert. Perhaps Google’s move into referral
units will probably not yield much for a publisher, or an advertiser.
At least in my ad runs, they haven’t.

Maybe if I try different ad formats, it might work out better. So
far I’ve been using the 300X250 units. The regular contextual
units are performing as expected. I think the problem lies in the
differentiation of the text ad ‘referral’ units and the text ad ‘contextual’ units. When Google updated their default layout for the ‘contextual’ units CTR’s virtually went through the roof – the CTR on the text ‘referral’ units are about the level they were as compared to the old ‘contextual’ layout. Did that make sense to you?

How has your experience with Google ‘referral’ ads been?

I have yet to try any of the image ‘referral’ units. Maybe they might convert better. In related news, I’m happy to report that the redesign I did of one of my affiliate sites
is already proving successful. I spend less time updating it, spend
more time doing other things and conversions are picking up.
Here’s hoping, God willing, they stay that way.

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Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

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