Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador Program

AmbassadorThe Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador Program was specifically developed to help search engine marketers (SEMs), agencies and other resellers drive targeted sales leads to their clients through Sponsored Search.

By receiving training and professional recognition from Yahoo! Search Marketing, Ambassadors can enjoy enhanced credibility and competitive advantages-along with financial compensation for each account signed up.¹

  • Comprehensive web-based training and resources²
  • No minimum monthly spend
  • An Ambassador logo to verify your accreditation and help promote your expertise
  • Promotional credits for your clients
  • Financial reward for each new Sponsored Search sign-up
  • Customizable marketing materials

Completion of all web-based training and passing score on final test².


For more information, visit our FAQs.

Beyond the Ambassador Program, there are two additional tiers for those who qualify:

Certified Ambassador

An enhanced level for higher performing agencies and SEMs

Strategic Ambassador

The premier level for top-tier agencies and SEMs

  1. Earn $30 for every new advertiser Self-Serve account sign up. Referral commissions will be sent from affiliate vendor, Kowabunga Technologies, Inc. Yahoo! Search Marketing Publisher/Affiliate Terms and Conditions apply. See the Yahoo! Search Marketing Terms and Conditions when you sign up. Subject to approval and acceptance into the Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador Program.
  2. $50 registration fee must be paid at sign-up in order to participate in web-based training.

Google Advertising Professional

Gain AdWords knowledge. Get Google recognition. Make more money.  Designed for professionals who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts, the Google Advertising Professionals program can help you become a more successful ad manager – for free.


Google Advertising Professionals receive tools, training, and promotion for their AdWords business.

Want to join the Google Advertising Professionals program?

  • Increase productivity with a more advanced AdWords account.
    Save time and money with your new My Client Center. Manage multiple clients more efficiently through one interface.
  • Build your expertise with training.
    Access our Learning Center, where you’ll find training lessons chock-full of up-to-date information. Use these materials to expand and hone your AdWords knowledge so you can better serve your clients.
  • Promote your business with Google’s name recognition.
    Become Qualified at the individual or company level to distinguish yourself as a skilled professional. Plus, receive the Google Advertising Professional Logo and other benefits.
  • Attract new clients with special promotions and features.
    Use program features, such as promotional credits and marketing tools, to help bring in new clients.

Certain program features and requirements vary by country. Read our FAQs to learn more.


Rent vs Buy

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

This calculator will compare the cost of renting vs. the real cost of buying a home. This calculator will compare the costs and benefits of taxes, fees, and interest you will pay when buying a home to the monthly rent you pay when renting. It does not include payments made against the principal on your loan, since those payments become equity in your home.

For help with a particular item, click on the “?” next to the item.

Monthly rent: $
Home cost: $
Down payment: $
Loan term: months
Points: %
Fees: $
Mortgage insurance: ? $
Homeowner’s insurance: ? $
Association dues: ? $
Average monthly maintenance: ? $
Property tax: %
State and Federal income tax: ? %
Interest rate: %
Your savings rate: ? %
How much will your home appreciate each year?: ? %
How much will rent increase each year?: ? %
How long will you stay in this property?: ? months

  Rent   Buy
Monthly expenses
Monthly payment   3,000.00   4,496.63
Property tax   937.50
Association dues   0.00
Mortgage insurance   0.00
Homeowner’s insurance   400.00
Other costs   200.00
Total Monthly payment   3,000.00   6,034.13
Present value of all costs over 120 months ?   289,326.25   462,767.77
Home equity ?   -9,457.99
Total net cost   289,326.25   472,225.76

You will save $182,899.51 if you rent instead of buy.

Get a Phone Number For Life – Free !!

GrandCentral Image allows you sign up and get a new number to control your phones.

Work, home, cell VoIP, all ring when someone calls. You can customize the settings for each caller. You can listen to voicemail messages online after they have been consolidated or you can simply e-mail the audio files.

  • “You can listen to a message someone is leaving, just as you can on a home answering machine.”
  • “You can actually record a different voice mail greeting for each person in your address book.”
  • “You can pick up on a different phone in midconversation, unbeknownst to the person on the other end.”
  • “GrandCentral maintains a database of telemarketer numbers that is constantly updated by reports from its own subscribers. Your phones don’t even ring when a telemarketer in that database tries to reach you.”
  • “You can install a “call me” button on your Web site — a great, free way to field calls … without actually posting your phone number.”

Here is my call me